Friday, December 18, 2015


It's true what they say.  Time Heals, and It Does Get Better.

A year ago yesterday a baby girl was born in a hospital in another state.  A year ago today we sat on pins and needles watching that little girl slip away from us.  A year ago tomorrow we returned home empty handed and broken worse than we had ever been in our lives.  We don't know that little girl anymore. 
There is still a portion of our house that looks like this and has sat frozen for the last year.

  Not because we want it to, but because we're not sure what we should do with this stuff, and we have luckily been otherwise busy.  It's a bit of a somber anniversary, I'm sure these dates will come and go with less significance in the future, but this week, at one year, it's a strong memory. It is amazing to look back and recognize how much has changed, how differently we feel, and how everything really did work out for the best.  People told us that a lot, and we weren't sure we would believe it, but we do now.  We still think all of that pain and anguish was unnecessary and pointless, but we are a lot wiser and more aware of the true blessing that Lincoln and his birth family are.

Our lives look a lot different now!!

We are getting ready to celebrate Lincoln's first Christmas.  We have enjoyed every minute with him and are thankful every day for the person that his birthmom is.  None of this would be possible with out her and her family's support.  We are planning to celebrate Christmas with her this weekend!
We still see, almost every day, families that are struggling to grow.  We see adoptions failing and hearts breaking.  Unfortunately, it happens all too often.  For those of you still waiting, don't lose hope, there is a very good chance that the right match is out there and you will be led down the path to them.

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  May you have hope and prosperity in the new year!