Thursday, May 23, 2013

Quick Update on Garage Sale - THIS WEEKEND!!

** Update We're having a second sale this weekend May 31, June 1 at the Parks of Prestwick, Baltustrol St. Avon**
Just a very quick update about our sale.
#1 We have been inundated with donations for our garage sale.  So much so that we are having to store stuff inside our living room because the garage can't handle any more tables, boxes etc.  We have been setting up since Sunday, every night this week going through donations etc.  Thanks so much to everyone who gave us stuff.  There are still other's who are wanting to donate and we just don't have the room.  I'll follow up with you ASAP.

#2 The date has been set... It's TOMORROW!!!  Friday 5/24 and Saturday 5/25 at our place.  Just look for the "Adoption Fundraiser" sign on 10th St. west of 267.   We couldn't find a reasonable alternative.  I will also be hosting a second garage sale the following weekend 5/31 and 6/1 at another neighborhood garage sale in Prestwick in Avon (more info on that to follow).

#3 Please come on by our sale any time.  We would love to see you, meet you and hopefully you'll find a good buy from our huge stock of stuff!

A few new items that we will have for sale include:
Matching Couch and oversized side chair
2 office desks, corner desk
Stationary Bike
Bench Press
Coffee Tables
Video Games
Strollers, car seats, baby swing, sippy cups, bottles, formula, toys, games, puzzles

Hundreds of infant, baby, toddler, tween, junior and adult clothes for girl or boy, ladies and mens.  Several formal dresses.

All of these items sold last week! A brand new microfiber couch
2 full bedroom suites (one with queen mattress and box spring) 
A toddler bed with mattress/ boxspring.
We should have the 1999 Chrysler Sebring on site for sale and for test drives.
A lot of other furniture: Coffee tables, end tables, filing cabinet, mirrors,  Patio table / chairs.
There is even an iphone 3 in the mix somewhere.

Oh and chotchkes, don't forget the chotchkes!!   

Monday, May 13, 2013

Let the Fundraising Begin!

Phew! What a couple of weeks!  Sorry there haven't been any new blog posts lately.  We have just been busy with life.  Work, planning, work, Mother's Day, work, research, etc.  I felt like it was time for an update.  Please read on for awesome ways YOU can help!

Will and I have been hard at work trying to come up with some fundraising ideas for our adoption fund.  We have been gearing up for a huge garage/ yard/ rummage sale.  We have 1/2 our garage full of amazing donations from friends who have gotten donations from their friends.  It has been yet again, an amazing outpouring of support.  We are so appreciative of the support we are getting and the amazing love people are showing for this cause.  It seems to have affected everyone in some way.  It is great to have all of these donations, but we are struggling to find a place to host it.  We would love to host this event in a large public place with good traffic flow.  There are some neighborhood garage sales we may be involved with, but it is amazing that there is no place that will let us borrow a parking lot or unused / vacant lot for our sale... without wanting a deposit and proof of liability insurance.  Who would have thought! So anyway, we were hoping to be able to post a date and location for our great sale to all of our wonderful blog readers, friends, and family - so stay tuned it will happen, but we're still working on the logistics.  We are also planning some other avenues to sell items through CafePress, as a direct "gift" for assisting with our costs.  I hope to incorporate some of my photographic work as art for sale for this cause as well.  What are some of your favorite fundraisers either to participate in or to purchase from?  How did you guys raise funds for your adoption or other cause?  Keep in mind, Will and I are not a 501c3 non-profit corporation, donations to us are not tax deductible and therefore most common fundraisers don't apply - large companies or organizations aren't going to allow us to participate in their standard fundraisers because it is just like giving money directly to a person's bank account - not their school/ church/ business / charity etc.  That kind of muddies the water and a lot of places don't know how to deal with that request.  You can't even legally do a basic raffle without a gambling license.  It's really hard to raise money now-a-days.  Not to mention - Have you seen the economy lately?  (Sorry, that's all probably a little too pessimistic)  We have been very blessed with the assistance we have gotten so far.  It is wonderful, appreciated, and amazing!  Even if we get nothing else, it will be more than we had when we started :). 

Make no mistake - we are also tightening our belt around here - no summer vacations, no major home projects, less eating out.  We have been working really hard to pay down all of our debts for the last year and we are getting really close.  Dave Ramsey has some good insights on setting up a budget and systematically getting rid of your debt in a manageable way.  If you're looking for some advice in that area, we highly recommend his books.  It helped us see things a little differently.  We're not always the best pupils, but we know we can make a dent in our finances.  You can also search for a ton of topics on his website or radio show- even for adoption savings advice.

While on the topic of resources, I've also come across and like the advice and perspective given by the podcast and website :  This is a site that deals with all aspects of "creating a family".  They discuss fertility, adoption, and all of the tough decisions and situations that may arise in between.  There is also the book / website for Adopting Without Debt.  I plan on applying for as many grants as I can find that we qualify for.  Of course, there is still our GoFundMe site as well.  So many options :)

Finally we have added a banner add over here in the sidebar
If you are looking to purchase items from Amazon, please use the link here to access all of Amazon's items and we will get a portion of the proceeds for "advertising for them".  Just another great tip we've learned from the Adopting Without Debt website.  

Anyway, we're still here plugging along toward our ultimate goal of adopting our son or daughter - hopefully in the near future :).